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Stolen hour, RCYC and a sick pup

Crawl prep and obstacles

Yesterday was my show at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber on the last day of the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I lived, so we're counting it as a success. I also sold patterns and talked to a lot of people about my designs, so by that criteria, it was also a success.

Sample display table at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber during RCYC

On the Friday leading up to the crawl, my sweet dog Loki wasn't feeling well so we made a trip to the doggie doctor. After x-rays, blood work and sedation (to facilitate the x-rays) it was determined that he has 'significant arthritis' and he was prescribed twice daily pain meds. Friday was a bad day, Saturday held some improvement and by Sunday evening, he was back to his usual crazy fun demeanor. Spending time nursing a sick pup on Friday and Saturday had an impact on my show preparation.

I should mention, lack of experience also had an impact on my show prep. I spent a lot of time worried about things that didn't matter and were completely unimportant. I spent not enough time worrying about things like the aesthetic of my display, but I promise you, this is something I'm thinking about now and hope to improve on before I do another show.

I'll also just mention that I didn't appreciate the government stealing an hour of sleep from me the night before my show.

Social Justice Corner

I just saw in the local paper that Hobby Lobby is opening a store in the Vancouver Mall, estimated for sometime in 2020. As we talk about a more inclusive crafting culture, remember that Hobby Lobby is a craft store that sued the government in 2014 for the right to refuse to include contraceptive coverage for their employees, citing their religious objections to contraceptives.

I have a lot of feelings about Hobby Lobby's stance on their employees health care choices, however, as a lot of them are likely to be offensive, I'll keep it civil and respectful.

I celebrate the right of the owners of Hobby Lobby to practice any religion they choose. That right is constitutionally protected and as a veteran of the US Army, I can literally say that I've done my part to protect their right. Just as they have the right to practice any religion they choose, I believe that their employees should also have the right and freedom to practice or not, any religion that they choose. And that the religious practices of their employer should not be forced on them or involved in their health care.

Contraception is a basic health care staple. For some women, particularly women of color, the choice to have a child or not can LITERALLY be a life or death decision. Some states in the US are experiencing RISING maternal mortality figures, not declining. Studies have also proven that access to adequate sex education and contraception lead to fewer abortions and better maternal health for women who've made a choice to conceive when it makes sense for their families.

I won't be patronizing Hobby Lobby in Vancouver, WA or anywhere else for this reason. Until they choose to stop forcing their religious views on their employees, my position on this won't change.

Green Man Collection

I've received so much positive feedback on the Poly Wrap! People ooh'd and ahh'd over the display samples all day yesterday and it was such a great experience to hear so many people tell me how much they loved my design.

The best Poly Wrap related moment of the weekend, though, was talking to a group of women who told me how great they thought the message behind its name was. They also said that they followed the link in my Ravelry page, to morethantwo's website FAQ page and read through the information they found there. Finally, they found it useful and informative. No words can adequately convey how special it is to be given the gift of being told that you've made a difference in helping people to gain a better understanding of a community that they knew little about before. With all the diversity conversations happening the crafting community, it's gratifying to assist in including more people in them.

Next Up...

So I said last week that I was working on a couple of summery scarves. I did finish the first sample of Rainforest Summer Scarf on Saturday.

Waterfall Summer Scarf

Tonight I'm working on the sample of Waterfall Summer Scarf, and I'm hoping to spend some time this week working on the new designs as well.

I'm hoping to do some pattern document editing this weekend and now I need to talk to some people and see if I can find a photographer and model for these scarves.

I'm pretty sure I have a handle on nearly all the details of the new 'I Stole a <something>'. I'm fiddling with thoughts on the name but I can tell you it's going to be another center increase stole, but unlike my previous releases, this one is going to be a two color creation. I do plan to also write a summer scarf pattern to go with it, I will likely write it for two colors, especially since Erica at In the Deep Hue Sea carries 50g skeins, which would be perfect for this scarf project. Though, it'll also work as a one skein/color project.

The puzzle project I've been working on is still on tab for soon. I've figured out the construction, now I'm just working on what to fill the panels with. I'm hoping that by the end of March I'll have a better idea of what I think that's going to look like.

I'm off to work on my Waterfall Summer Scarf sample, and I urge you - until you hear from me again...

Go forth and craft with kindness,



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