I Stole A River is a modification of my ‘I Stole A Seaside Cottage’ wrap. I wanted to make something for my niece River, and I knew that with a little math and a little creativity, I could make something that would make her 4-year-old heart flutter.

**This pattern is also included for free with purchase of I Stole a Seaside Cottage**

Although I designed I Stole a River to be a wrap or stole for a tiny human, it’s also a great neck wrap or small scarf for a full-sized human, as well.

I encourage you to download the pattern and giggle your way through tantrums, timeouts, and cookie heists on your way to making a fun and simple scarf.

No crimes were committed in the writing of this pattern. 
I’d love it if you would tag your finished garments and works in progress on social media with one or more of the following hashtags:

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Fingering Weight Yarn in two contrasting or coordinating colors, 100g each. This stole uses about 40% of each skein. 
In the Deep Hue Sea Caribbean(463yds/100g) – 
One skein each: Main Color (MC): Mystery Color, Contrasting Color (CC): Pink on the Lips of Your Lover 
US Size 5 24” circular needle 
Stitch marker(s)


This stole is parallelogram in shape, measuring 10.5” along the short sides and 37” along the long ones. Gauge is largely unimportant for this garment, as it’s not fitted. If your gauge is larger, your item will require more yarn; if your gauge is smaller it will use less yarn. As designed, you should use approximately 40% of each skein for this project. 
Blocked Gauge: 
Lace: 20 sts x 36 rows = 4” 
Garter: 22 sts x 44 rows = 4”


Patterns are not written in a vacuum, and I couldn’t do this without the help of a literal tribe of people. People who test knitted, people who knit samples, others who modeled, tech edited, copy edited, provided resources for a variety of information, people who held my hand, wiped my tears and assuaged my anxiety, people who took photos. Heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them for whatever assistance they provided, intentional or otherwise.

I Stole A River


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