I Stole A Waterfall was inspired by center increase shawls. I really wanted to design a stole that ‘grew’ from either side of a center stitch but was a consistent width throughout. I also absolutely love cables and wanted to incorporate them into my design. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, how could cables remind me of anything other than waterfalls?

The pattern is both written and charted to accommodate knitters who prefer both methods. And although the charts are included for reference in the written pattern, chart knitters can enjoy a separate document containing all the same information except the written instructions have been omitted and the charts are full page.

The heist-theme comes from my love of wordplay and puns. So, the sections have all been tongue-in-cheek named for the stages of the commission of a crime or types of crimes.

No crimes were committed in the writing of this pattern. 
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Yarn & Gauge

I used nearly 2 whole skeins in one colorway of a fingering weight. A looser gauge may put you closer to jeopardy; a tighter gauge may result in more leftover yarn in your stash. Because this item is not a fitted garment, the gauge is relatively unimportant, except in relation to how much yarn you will need to complete your project. Detailed suggestions are included in the construction notes regarding how to adapt to possible shortages or overages of yarn.


Lace: 28 sts x 34 rows = 4”


Fingering Weight Yarn in one colorway 2 skeins 100g each

Alexandra’s Crafts Black Butte Shawl Cake(800yds/200g) – 
One Cake: Gradient 
Apple Fiber Studio Sparkling Cider(438yds/100g) – 
Two skeins: Quartz 
Madeline Tosh Twist Light(420yds/100g) – 
Two skeins: Patagonia


Patterns are not written in a vacuum, and I couldn’t do this without the help of a literal tribe of people. People who test knitted, people who knit samples, others who modeled, tech edited, copy edited, provided resources for a variety of information, people who held my hand, wiped my tears and assuaged my anxiety, people who took photos. Heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them for whatever assistance they provided, intentional or otherwise.

I Stole A Waterfall


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