Snuggle up in your main squeeze and side pieces with the Poly Wrap!  Poly Wrap is part of my Green Man Collection; a group of accessories designed to coordinate, with a cohesive green man theme.

A leafy narrative emerged, and I decided to call the collection that I was planning, ‘the green man collection’. I struggled over naming the individual pieces, though. While I was considering, I was knitting the 2 side pieces, giggling about calling them ‘the 2 side pieces’ and realized how appropriate that was in terms of the Green Man Celtic lore. He was the Celtic god of fertility and agriculture; and typically, the Green Man is depicted or described as polyamorous. Because puns are awesome, 2 side pieces became ‘2 side pieces and a main squeeze’ and Poly Wrap was its name.

I could not have anticipated the response from people who live that life. One of my best friends is polyamorous, and although she was excited because she liked the design – her excitement grew after I named it. I believe that anyone who identifies with a misunderstood or marginalized group just wants to be seen and accepted.

Please remember when you encounter someone whose adjectives are different from your own that they do not represent all that you may think about their identifiers. I’m a veteran and a woman, but I don’t speak for or represent all women or all veterans.

In naming this wrap Poly, I seized an opportunity to educate, hopefully gently, people who might not feel comfortable asking questions of those in the lifestyle. People seeking more information on this topic can visit this website: https://www.morethantwo.com/. This link takes you to this site’s FAQ page. Remember that stories are individual and each person you encounter is more than the sum of their adjectives.

The pattern is both written and charted to accommodate knitters who prefer either method. And although the charts are included for reference in the written pattern, chart knitters can enjoy a separate document containing all the same information except the written instructions have been amended to support primarily knitting from charts. The charts are full-page documents for accessibility.

I’d love it if you would tag your finished garments and works in progress on social media with one or more of the following hashtags:

 #polywrapstole 
 #knitworkdesignstudio

Yarn and Gauge:

I used most of 3 skeins of color A and about 1 1/2 skeins of color B, making the prototype for this design. As always a looser gauge will use more yarn and a tighter gauge will use less. However, gauge is not critical for this project. A word of caution: Although this page references madelinetosh’s Tosh DK, it’s important to note that the yardage in that particular base is similar to worsted weight and should be treated as such - at least for this pattern.


Reverse Stockinette: 4 sts x 6 rows = 1 inch


Worsted or heavy DK in 2 colors, 2 skeins in color A/2 skeins in color B (100/115g each)

madelinetosh DK(225yds/115g) – 
3 skeins: Meet me in the Basement 
2 skeins: Antique Lace

Cascade Yarns Heathers(220yds/100g) – 
3 skeins: Jade Heather 
2 skeins: Copper Heather


Patterns are not written in a vacuum, and I couldn’t do this without the help of a literal tribe of people. People who test knitted, people who knit samples, others who modeled, tech edited, copy edited, provided resources for a variety of information, people who held my hand, wiped my tears and assuaged my anxiety, people who took photos. Heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of them for whatever assistance they provided, intentional or otherwise.

Poly Wrap


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